S.O.S. Grant

  1. Grant Information

The Support our Students (SOS) Grant fund is designed for OSSPEAC members to purchase products that will assist students in accessing their educational curriculum.  OSSPEAC members may complete and submit applications describing the need for a specific item and how it would benefit students.  Members may submit applications for more than one item, but each request must be submitted on a separate application form.  Applications must be received by December 31st.  Grant awards will range from $250-$1000.  If a product’s cost exceeds $1000, the overall cost may be subsidized.

Interested OSSPEAC Members must:

  1. Complete the entire application
  2. Submit the application by December 31st.

Current Winner: Joanna Barnard


Joanna wanted to share the following: Thank you so much for SOS Grant! I so appreciate the support to help serve my students! I've already bought the Story Champs and started using it with my students. It is such a great resource! I'm an SLP for Olmsted Falls City Schools working in the pk and k buildings. I'm using the Story Champs for many of my students, both IEP and RTI in preschool and kindergarten to work on a variety of goals.