Ohio Speech & Hearing GAC Legislative Activities Report March 2020

Activity at the State Legislature has slowed almost to a halt because of the Coronavirus-19 outbreak. This month’s legislative report details legislation which Government Policy Group is following for us. For school-based professionals, several bills are of particular interest (see legislative report for details on each):
***HB 243 – Hearing Aid coverage
***HB 436 – Dyslexia Screenings

Also of interest are Medicaid rule changes and changing telehealth requirements (response to current health crisis), exemption from some HIPAA requirements during this time, and renewal of the OHAAP (Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program). See the Legislative Report for details. GAC also continues to press for action from ODE on the related services shortage recommendations.

Because of the relative inactivity of the Legislature, now is the perfect time to contact your Representative or Senator and express your views on these items!

Please CLICK HERE to read the March 2020 Ohio Speech & Hearing GAC Legislative Activities Report.